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My Co-Workers

Here is a glimps of the people I work with. They are funny,, exciting, nice and down to earth. They are helpful and keep things interesting.

Daniella, is the voice of the teachers room. The room is never silent when she is in it, but the room just isn' the same when she is out of it.

This is Natasha, She is smart, fun, dedicated and makes the evening shift awesome.

Rhonda is the other evening teacher, who just blows my mind with her easy going nature.

Jae, is good, guy, who has put up with daneilla everyday, that is no easy taskh

This is loraine, She has a great personality and knows how to have fun.

This is Jeff, He is as Canadian as one gets, and people say he is my clone in terms of attitude.

Karen is cool, she is from the south and has a nice Southern accent.

tyler is my boss and he is a good, guy, helpful and honest. gives good advise except when shopping.

here is keith, he is a little camera shy. But a nice guy and looks out for me.