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My Place redone

Location: Korea (South)

Well here is a look at my Place redone. Some of the pictures on the walls did not have their pictures in them, but now they do. Its looks really good in my opinion compared to what it looked like before. Have a look!

Here the other view of my living room, you can see my plant cactus, and guitar.

My new leather couch and chair. I got them for free from a friend. I bought the pillows.

My front door area.

My bed room

a picture from my front door. My apartment recieves light in the evenings very well.

Half of my kitchen. You can see my new shelving unit along with my aloe plant and a picture of me.

There is my bamboo plants they look great too.

My living room and computer area. You can pictures of me, and the temple I had been too in Busan.