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Lijiang Old Town Part 2

Location: Lijiang, Yunnan, UK

More photos from Lijiang Old Town and the nearby Shu He Village.

Just outside the little town of Shu He was this pretty little lake.

Pretty flowers blossoming around the Black Dragon Lake.

Some local old boys hanging out in downtown Shu He.

A beautifully lit Lijinag Old Town by night.

The scenery of the Black Dragon Lake provided a beautiful view.

One of Shu He's old ladies selling all sorts of fruits and spices.

Cafes lined the river that flowed through Lijiang Old Town.

A small lake in the middle of Shu He.

The water wheels provided part of the scenic attraction in the Main Square in Lijiang Old Town.

A quick snack stop here with hash browns, potatoes and little fishes on sticks.