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Shangrila Old Town Part 2

Location: Shangrila, Yunnan, UK

More photos of Shangrila and the surrounding area.

Some of the local ladies on their way to work.

Emma makes a new friend, one she has always wanted - a little silver tabby.

A lovely view of the prayer wheel from the nearby temple at the bottom of the hill.

Part of the tibetan style monastery where the monks live.

The view from the top of the hill that overlooks the rooftops of Zhongdian.

Si getting ready to take some shots of the rather large and rather gold prayer wheel.

The entrance to the prayer wheel temple.

Simeon having a bit of a rest on the steps of the Zhongdian/Shangrila monastery.

Getting to see the monastery is a bit of a climb.

The Shangrila monastery that is modelled on the one in Lhasa, Tibet.