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Dali Old Town

Location: Dali, Yunnan, UK

Some shots of the little old town of Dali.

Some of the bizarre fruits and plants on sale....I think they're eddible.

The bins are often frequented by the poor folks as they are keen to get the money from recycling anything they can.

A young family praying infront of a very scary looking idol in Dali's park of the three pagodas.

A mobile candyfloss store which is peddle powered in more than one way.

The colourful and interesting Shanqing market.

Possibly the strangest place to get a haircut. The clippers are connected to a car battery.

Our local corner shop opposite the hostel.

The famous three pagodas, the largest of which has been standing for over 1000 years without any foundation.

Renmin Lu - People's Road.

Foriegner street in Dali old town.