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Update for you!!

Girls nights out, Halloween party, Work do's, and some Auckland shots for you to remind you of home!

Janna, Vicky, me and Mel from work. Girls night out!

Halloween again - me on Santa's knee (and cucumber!) - Glen (Janna's hubby)

The girls...with a random guy at the back who wanted to be in the photo! Kinda like Uncle Terry at your leaving party....

How many drinks have I had to get to this point?

Met up with my boys! Asher and Andrew :)



I think this was one of my last drinks of the evening and I went home to bed early-ish at about 130am :)

Beautiful blue skies! Are you jealous???

Reading on the beach... mmmmm sun.....

Jason's apparently started to take up surfing coz all the other boys are (Michael, Simon, Matthew). Boy are they all tall!!!!!!!!! I was like the 3rd shortest!