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pics i like-not travel related

Location: Peterborough, Canada

While I'm figuring out this webpage, i decided to add some pictures that I think are cool, and think should be seen! So, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do :)

IceB as a puppy, as well as Bill (the horse), and George and Madonna (the goats) aww so cute!

Weekend at Apsley - what a great time!!

Jetson, Moi and Egon again.. look at those focused faces.... ready to go on the hunt for more wine :)

This is Jack and Gertie - the ducklings that lived in our tub until they were large enough to go to camp.

Loka - the dog that everyone would be lucky enough to have!!! Such a good pup!

My cat.

Head of the Trent still... Awwww sisters :)

This is a picture of my tattoo I spent ages playing with on my computer. I think it's neat :)

Head of the Trent - Enough said.

Moi, Egon and Jetson

Artsy shot of feathers. i like it.

This is IceB my parents new dog, neice of Loka. ( A little crazy, but still cute!)