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Paris - part 1

Location: PARIS, France

sorry about the delay in picture uploading... these are paris pictures, and I am in Italy now.... quite behind, I know... but it is a long and tedious process, so this is going to have to tide you over until next time.... cheers
much love - Zo

"sleeping in a park in Paris France..."

"sitting in a park in Paris France..."

Crazy motorcycle contraptions... many have hand warmers, feet warmers, and many are swooped up like this one (Dad, this one is for you)

Giant stadium in Paris - we were all wondering how they mow the lawn on such a slant....?????

The old town Metro Signs - tre classic....

Our lovely Parisian Expresso The true liquid elixir....

Trying to be as French as possible on our way to the Notre Dam

My artsy night time shot on the bridge over the Seine River - there was an ambulance and only the siren lights came through... oooh fancy pants Paris photography....



One my my ten thousand indoor flash-less shots from inside the Notre Dam....