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Italian Mix of Photos

Location: Genova, Italy

Putting up pictures is harder than one would imagine.... but I am trying.... so here ya be.

This is the rule sign for our hostel in Genova... It states that you must leave the room during the afternoon, that you cannot have food of drinks in your room etc...

This is a small collection of our wine consumption from our time in Vernazza. At one point in time I was not a wine fan.... oh how the times have changed!!

In Genova we couldn't find any food, and after our train ride we were starving... our chocolate dinner wasn't quite what we were going for... but what can you do?

On a closer look one would realize that rule #8 is somewhat special. If you look carefully the sign says that men and women are to be absolutely separated... but on the stairs, anything can happen... oh the "cloaca kiss"..... (and to be staying in low budget hostels)

A crafty cool looking church in Genova.