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The motherland

Location: Athens, Greece

Pictures from my motherland, I truly love Greece. I could move here in a heartbeat - I suppose I would have to learn the language, but in time I'm sure I would. So, enjoy these pictures - cheers Zo

More Acropolis pictures -

Same picture at the Acropolis - 10 years later. Incredible!!

A picture worth a thousand words.... thanks to Jenna's fine photography skills. This picture was taken by her.

Jetson, Jenna and myself - apparently the resizing process has warped our faces..... but the picture uploading process is to painful to begin again... sorry.

Jenna, myself and Jetson in Sunio

Ruins at Sunio - Poeisiden's Temple

These flowers were all over the ground at the Sunio ruiins. I found out today from Marika that they are the flowers saffron (my favorite spice) is picked from.

Jenna Uncle Paul and Jetson.... basking in the ruins...

Marika and I after our lunch in the Plaka.

A beach view in Sunio -