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Greece 2

Location: Italy

Here are some more pictures, of my lovely Greece. We did love it!! We stayed in Athens longer than any other place -

Mt.Olympus - Hercules Home

Some of the ruins outside of the parthenon

Theatre of Dyonisus

Some of the ruins from the Theatre of Dyonisus

My cousin Rias drawing for Billy -

My cousin Ria, myself and Uncle Paul, in the foreground of art of my Aunt Mias.

My lovely mug on the way to Aegena

And retouched up again for Billy.

Fisherman... obviously..

the boats of Aegena - our one and only island of island hopping... (we may have drank rediculous amounts of retsina instead...)

jenna with our waterfront picnic (you may notice the wine on her lap comes in a waterbottle type of bottle... dangerous)

a fishing boat on the mediteranean sea