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Location: Venice, Italy

Sorry this took so long, but here they are finally!!!

More canals of beauty!!

The first day of our adventure in Venice ..... beautiful!!

Here I am amidst the pigeons in the piazza San Marco - the one famous for it's birds!!

Here we have a famous gondola - too expensive for our taste - so we cheated and took pictures of them instead.

Now this is what happens when the tourists feed the pigeons - they ATTACK!!! they know you have food and are willing to do anything to get to it!!!! poor unsuspecting tourists!

Here is Jenna doing her bird call - she is Dr.Doolittle!!!

Here i am.... awww....

Here we have the famous Basilica within the piazza - the interior is full of gold mosaic patterns - amazing!!!!!!!!!!

Jenna and Jetson - on the lovely river.... trying not to freeze their arses off ...

Another water doorway....