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The 'Granite City'

Location: Aberdeen, UK

Here are some pictures of the city of Aberdeen, and don't be fooled by it's beauty..... the heart of the city is as cold as the granite it was built from.... whoa, look at that similie... the city is actually pretty cool looking!!

This is the main Starbucks on Union St (the main street) quite the extravegant building for a Starbucks don't you think?

Here is a picture of St.Nicholas's Cemetary - the grave stones are all covered in moss..... cool!!

Right where you see people crossing the street, that is the entrance to the mall where I work. whoohoo!!

Another view of Union Street

Another view of the building, this is the back of the building... (part of it)

This amazing building is the Marischal College Building. It's so large, I could never capture the entire thing in one picture unless I was taking it from a helicopter, but I can try....

Some artsy shots from the beach here, and to follow...

A view of the city....

Now, this might be a bit morbid, but this pictures is for Yoko and Oscar - their Dad is from Aberdeen... who knows, this grave stone could be distant relatives of theirs?? You never know....

The ferris wheel right off the beach....