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The final Week...

Location: Aberdeen + Amsterdam, UK

Well I thought since I was home I was finished writing this webpage, keeping it up to date etc. However I realized there are some people who do not live right here in Peterborough or close to, and you may want to see the final installment of pictures. So, here you are!!

In the store Jo, myself and Terri are showing how grand it is to work in such a wonderful establishment!

Here we have the wonderful, the glorious, the incredible TGFS (the good food shop) in the stunning Bon Accord Centre of Aberdeen.

This is in Amsterdam in the flower market area, these are all different kinds of orchids!!! This was an amazing stall!!!!!!!

Here is a lovely picture of Gavin and myself.

Here I am with one of my favorite little cars!!!! In Amsterdam, soo cute....

I wish I knew why there were so many teddy bears and stuffed animals up in this tree (which was inredibly tall) but we were walking along the market (under the tree) only to look up and find this bizzare sight.

Back in Aberdeen..... packing..... trying to organize our stuff...... you could call it complete chaos, that would be an appropriate term....

This is only a drop in the pan in terms of how many bikes there are EVERYWHERE in Amsterdam.

How did we aquire this much stuff is what I'm wondering....