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Welcome to Xi'an

Location: Xi'an, China

This is the city of smog as you can see! Simon and I rode a tandem bike all the way round the wall which is 12km round and is several thousand years old

This was the beginning straight, you should have seen me try to steer a tandem bike!

The chinese love to show the V sign. This is me on the Great wall of Xi'an

This is the Small Goose Pagoda. It had 15 storeys and was 45 meters high but an earthquake in 1555 damaged and reduced it to 13 storeys, 43 meters high. And I climbed it!

One of the many buidings on the wall

The Small bell tower standing in the courtyard. It houses a large bell measuring 4.5 meters high and weighing 10 tons. It was cast in 1192 with 16 lucky words engraved on it. Legend has it that if someone misses his faraway family, he only needs to write down his family's name and address on a label, the bell will ring sending his regards to his family. But I didn't bother as I have a phone card!

This is a cemetery! They have very odd little statues on top of each stone

This is the South Tower of the wall in Xi'an. it is just outside of my hostel!

One of the many statues on top of a grave stone