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The Three gorges

Location: Three Gorges, China

Well, despite the rain and cold, I made it to the Gorges.

This is the view from the back with the Chinese flag

Another view from the boat, I seem to have a lot of these and unfortunately the lenses kept foggin up

It is so much better in real life

Just some of the many caves which were once inhabited apparently

Obligatory shot of me!

If you look closely you will see that the marker reads 156 meters. In other words when the damn is complete htis island and everything on it will not exist

If you zoom in on this shot the funny box half way up the cliff is a stone coffin!!

More caves. Spooky really.

Another boat up ahead

Views form the banana boat. Our guide was singing and everything

Me at teh Three Gorges Damn at night, looking a bit frightedned by all accounts!