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Bangkok and Ayutthaya

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Some very over the top design and some rather down trodden ruins!

One of the many guards at the temples

This is at the main entrance to the Grand Palace. I can't remeber it's name cos it was too long!

I thought this was quite cool!

This is a scale model of Angor Wat in CAmbodia

This is Wat Phra Mahathat

The entrance to the Emerald Budda. You are not allowed to take phots and you must remove your shoes before going in. The budda is actually jade but who's counting!

Same temple, but if you look closely you can see where they have slapped some cement on in an effort to keep it upright

When the Burmese invaded Thailand they spent most of their time demolishing temples. As you can see a tree has grown up around this Buddas head!

The local Taxi service!

And some more ruins