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S21 and the Killing Fields

Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia

These are not the nicest images to display but it gives an idea of what the place is like. To really understand you have to go there. 14 bodies were found dead chained to beds when the camp was liberated

This is one of the cells in Section A where political prisoners were held. The photo shows the body that was diecovered when the prison was liberated

This is the former highschool which was turned into S21 - the prison camp of Pol Pot

This is the second level of Section B. The barbed wire is to stop prisoners commiting suicide

Some of the many faces of the people who were taken to S21. It included whole families nad even babies

The caption reads "Chankiri Tree against which executioners beat children"

These are the skull so fthe people found in the Killing Fields. 8985 victims in total. The skulls are contained within a memorial building

There are actually over 100 graves but only 86 have been uncovered.

This is a mass grave where 166 bodies were removed without heads, Some of them were children