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Rafting the Mighty Zambezi

Location: Livingstone/Victoria Falls, Zambia

Merry Christmas Eve day! Oh boy, we are both quite surprised that we survived to share this tale...

Rapid 5 of 23... first time the raft flipped upside down, with your two lovely Canadians trapped underneath! Check out Casey's grip, I on the other hand was already long gone.

Casey - middle right, grey shirt... Mel - middle left, white shirt, teeth clenched!

Like we said... the MIGHTY Zambezi River. We made it this time, choosing the 50/50 chance of flipping route. After our morning of too much involuntary swimming, that was our choice.

I don't remember if we stayed in this time or not, but so far, it is not looking good. Luckily they waited until after the majority of the class 5 rapids to feed us lunch.

We are all smiling because we somehow managed to make it to lunchtime. "I am so glad we did this today and not tomorrow - nobody should ever be this scared on Christmas day." Mel's lunchtime words of wisdom!

We almost lost one of our guides here, and our heartbeats soon returned to normal. Luckily the water was warm, so our elevated heart rates seemed to be ok all day.

Here is the beautiful Batoka Gorge. The walls rise up around 100m on both sides. Definite value for the money just to see the scenery.

Yes, we are still attached to the boat, probably getting white knuckles from holding on so tight. All of us made it through this class 4 rapid.

The bungee site from the Victoria Falls bridge. We chose a 5 hour thrill instead of a 15 second one. We'll save that for when we win the lottery and decide we want to experience another SCARIEST day of our lives.