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Location: Zambia

We spent almost a week and a half in Zambia, most of that in Livingstone.

Mom, this one's for you. Our Christmas socks on Christmas day in Livingstone, Zambia

Melissa with Steve and Helen (a couple that took us under their wing from Maun to Livingstone) at the Royal Livingstone Hotel.

Road Block! This baboon forced us to walk around the edge of the sidewalk because he was not willing to share his resting spot (the sidewalk) with two pedestrians.

At Victoria Falls, on the Zambia side on Christmas day.

Our tent platform at Flat Dogs Camp. The tents are in the trees to avoid the elephants and hippos wandering through camp.

One of the many bus breakdowns we experiences on out trip! This one had a cracked we had to wait three hours on the side of the road for the new one...which caught fire three hours later.

An elephant family that we saw in South Luangwa National Park.