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EOP School Visits

Location: Maun, Botswana

As well as taking kids out to the bush to meet the elephants, we have been visiting schools to work with their environmental clubs. We play games with them, as well as watch a video to introduce them to the elephants.

Sometimes our numbers would explode from having just 20 children, to up to 100 children joining from the surrounding got interesting! This group at Boseja Primary School grew at an amazing rate.

Children playing 'Oh Tlou!' at Boseja Primary.A game that shows the natural fluctuations in the elephant population by changes in their needs: food, water and shelter.

The ecological web game at Leapotswe Private School.

Everybody wants to learn. Here Melissa is wrapping up with the group at Boseja. Notice all of the faces looking in the window!

Delta Waters International School was another group that we enjoyed having at camp. Here we are at the dress rehearsal for their summer festival. It is too bad this site doesn't have video and sound, the dancind and marimba playing was amazing!

We worked with the Environmental Club at Okavango International School quite a bit. Melissa gave them a lesson in making bracelets and necklaces.