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Location: Egypt

Here are piccies from our Egypt adventure. We went with Mum and Dad (Gallagher) over Easter. We travelled with a tour for 15 days. It was sensational... highly recommended to everyone!

8 Apr 2006, 2:57AM

Admiring the sunset from our roof terrace.

9 Apr 2006, 12:01AM

Travelling in a taxi on the mad streets of Cairo.

9 Apr 2006, 7:13PM

Dave walking like an Egyptian in front of the step pyramid (Giza).

8 Apr 2006, 2:55AM

Bernie and Dave having a beer on the roof terrace of our hotel.

10 Apr 2006, 12:22AM

Dave and Jan setting off on a bumpy journey at Giza.

9 Apr 2006, 11:27PM

The Gallaghers in front of the biggest pyramid 'The Great Pyramid' (Giza).

10 Apr 2006, 1:19AM

Amy and Dave and Mr. Sphyinx.

10 Apr 2006, 12:26AM

Poor little donkey... isn't he so cute?

11 Apr 2006, 12:08AM

Philae temple.

10 Apr 2006, 1:21AM

Jan stroking the sphyinx.

11 Apr 2006, 5:09PM

The spectacular Abu Simbel.

11 Apr 2006, 12:54AM

Dave at Philae temple.