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Egypt 2

Location: Egypt

Second half of our Egypt tour.

12 Apr 2006, 2:15AM

Edfu temple (temple for the crocodile God).

11 Apr 2006, 5:44PM

Dave at Abu Simbel (built for King Ramses).

12 Apr 2006, 9:13PM

Cruising on the Nile.

12 Apr 2006, 7:39AM

Egyptian dress up night on the cruise ship.

13 Apr 2006, 8:39PM

The impressive Temple of Karnak (built for King Ramses).

12 Apr 2006, 9:50PM

Cruising on the Nile.

13 Apr 2006, 9:41PM

Dave flexing his muscles again!

13 Apr 2006, 9:37PM

Temple of Karnak.

14 Apr 2006, 5:59PM

Amy in the Valley of the Kings (where the Pharoah's were buried. Tut Ankh Amon's Mummy is here.

13 Apr 2006, 9:01PM

How amazing... you can still see some of the colours from over 2000 years ago!

13 Apr 2006, 9:44PM

Temple of Karnak... again!

14 Apr 2006, 7:52PM

Hatshepsut's Temple. She was a woman Pharoah!