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Berlin, Germany

Location: Berlin, Germany

We have set off on our journey back home to Australia. We are in Germany for a little over a week and then we fly to New York. This page is devoted to Berlin.

4 Aug 2006, 9:01PM

Dave looking fuzzy in front of some bits of the old Berlin wall.

3 Aug 2006, 1:33AM

Just arrived in Berlin. Looking to go for a walk in Tiergarten, Berlin's big central park.

4 Aug 2006, 10:59PM

Beneath this bit of carpark is where Hitler spent his last weeks. The bunker was just about impossible to destroy. There are no signs to show you that it is here.

4 Aug 2006, 9:08PM

A Jewish commermoration site in the middle of the city. The drab apartments you can see in the background are the luxury apartments that the Stasi and Spies from East Berlin used to stay in before the wall came down.

4 Aug 2006, 11:33PM

Checkpoint Charlie is where there was a big stand off between U.S and Soviet tanks for eleven hours once. This stand off started because a U.S official wanted to go and see the opera in East Berlin.

4 Aug 2006, 11:23PM

Amy infront of the only remaining part of the Berlin wall. 130m out of what was once 162km.

5 Aug 2006, 5:29PM

Amy going from the death strip to West Berlin. The wall is represented by these cobblestones all the way around where it used to be. In buildings, they change the type of carpet to show you where the wall once stood.

5 Aug 2006, 5:26PM

Brandenburg Gate. Gateway to the West.

5 Aug 2006, 10:05PM

Amy and I went to Sachsenhausen which was a concentration camp used from 1936 until about 1951. These are barracks 38 and 39 where many Jews and others suffered.