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Location: Australia

Back in sunny Australia. A fun time to be around. The time went so fast. It was wonderful to catch up with friends and family.

30 Nov 2005, 9:29PM

Kristen on her birthday

30 Nov 2005, 6:52PM


16 Dec 2005, 9:49PM

The hockey girls are always good fun

16 Dec 2005, 9:48PM

Amy and Sonia - the proud new house owner

17 Dec 2005, 12:19AM

Paul and Dave - getting excited about something.

16 Dec 2005, 9:50PM

The Mawson club - welcome home Amy!

28 Dec 2005, 12:32PM

Michael at Broomshead

17 Dec 2005, 12:19AM

Ange and Macca at the Mawson club

28 Dec 2005, 7:57PM

Cooking up a storm in the Broomshead kitchen

28 Dec 2005, 7:35PM

Kath and Dave at the beach house.

30 Dec 2005, 12:38PM

A final photo before heading to Hong Kong

29 Dec 2005, 9:42PM

Our friendly toilet frog