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Festival of the sea

The spanish ghetto spent a day in Leith where the Festival of the Sea was being held. It was good fun!
Estas son fotos del Festival del Mar de Edimburgo, uno de los muchos festivales de esta ciudad.

Me, Helen, Sara and Nandypandy

La vieja mas cachonda del globo.
This "golden oldie" was the best of the Festival

Las tres Marias

Scots pipers and some hand-made boat

The girls admire the big vessels

Some sandy piece of art.

You see? they are nuts!
Ay va la hostia! que nos bombardean!

At the back there is a militar exhibition going on...Some police helicopters try to take over a ship full of "baddies"
Y aqui empieza una pomposa ostentacion militar...

Bad boy Richard....maybe it was his fault at the end....;-)

But the goodies (or the baddies for some) rescue the ship....!can you see these guys going down the helicopters???

Nandi and I enjoy some fresh mussels and a glass of beautiful wine....yum!

Lovely girls