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Squats in Mo i Rana

These photos show how the girls took over the hall of the train station in Mo i Rana
Las lovelitas okuparon la estacion de Mo i Rana por unas horas...

We had nothing better to do than play with lego toys!
Pasamos el rato jugando al lego...

Excuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzme mind us staying here for a wee while????
Este es el amigo que nos dejo estar en su estacion ;-) wasn't that bad.... much better than the bloody seats on the least we could stretch our limbs!

Oh well....lets start setting the camp....

Sonia and Regina, a lovely german girl who joined us...
there was another traveller in that room, but maybe he was mute!
Esta es Regina, una chica alemana que conocimos en el tren y que tuvo que acoplarse como el resto!!!