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Hellen and Sarini

Hellen y Sarini nos dejan y se van a sudar la gota gorda a Madrid...Girls we miss youuuu...
Hellen and Sarini left Edinburgh and went back to Madrid...A couple more of leaving parties...

Sarini is sooooo sexy!
Hey there! did you notice it? i've gone dark!
Hey chicos...ya no soy rubia!

Quedamos para comer y despedirnos de Elena? Fale!...donde esta Elena???
Sara Nandi and I having lunch...supposedly a farewell meal for Hellen...where is Hellen???

Spanish omelettes for Hellens party...we did very well!
Mirad que peazo de tortillas!!!!

There you are! Hellen made the restaurant!...what a scottish look!!! ;-)

Mas vale tarde que nunca!!!

This is Sara's leaving party...baila baila baila baila!!!baila baila bailame!

That's Nandito and Ricardito on my right...Hey bru!!!

Barcelona, La Corunya, Malaga y Madrid...vaya mix!

...y OLE!

The Scotsman crew..

Cool man....