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A trip to Barcelona

On June Sonia went to visit her family and friends to Barcelona... So hot there!! I stayed just for few days and I couldn't do everything I wanted to, but catching up with my lovely people was really good anyway!!

Having good fun with good friends! You can't read Eva's T-shirt but I tell you what it says: "My boyfriend is the coolest". Good one!

Here we are having a nice italian dinner in a terrace.

Time to visit the city... That's Plaza Reial and the red thing you see it's a piano!!

Same people but with the cool boyfriend! Muchos besos a todos guapisimos!!!!

Can you see the white egg on top?? Well... in some churches in Barcelona they set an egg in a fountain and that egg starts dancing at the end of the water jet!!! They also decorate the fountain with flowers and cherries. There's a meaning a meaning: celebrating spring and life. Also a catholic meaning... but I don't remember, I don't know why...

Time for culture: I want to tell you about a Barcelona's tradition called "L'Ou com balla" (in catalan), which means something like "The Dancing Egg".

Jazikevicious and Vodiroga are really good!

Time for sports: this is the second match of the Spanish Basketball League Final... Pamesa Valencia-FC Barcelona: Barcelona won of course!!

This one is not shy at all! My nephew Alfonso with some missing teeth! Que guapo!!!

This is Mishi, my lovely cat... She's getting old but she's still very shy!

San Juan's Eve: dinner in Eva's house... Tortilla, jamon, guacamole, ensalada, gazpacho, sangria,.... Oh-my-God!!!!!
Also good friends: Eva, Emilio, Aure, Alfonso y Monica. Muchos besos guapas!!!!!!