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A day in Pitlochry

While Leo was still here in Edinburgh, he and Ainhoa spent a lovely and sunny day in Pitlochry, doing a bit of hill-walking and enjoying the views of the beautiful scottish mountains.
Estas fotos son de un dia en que Ainhoa y Leo se fueron a Pitlochry, por alla arribota de Burgos...

Here am thinking..."should I climb that mountain in my the back...shoul I have a siesta instead???"

This is Pitlochry...nice yep!
Pitlochry es muy lindo!

You sure?...don't you think it is a bit far?...says Leo!

Ok, lets do it! That's Ben Veckrie there...lets go to the top!
Venga, vamos a la cima?

Here Leo is drinking water of a wee creek...
Descansillo para beber agua pura de manantial...rica rica!


After the climb...time for a nap? zzzzzzzzzz.........!!!

And that's us at the top! we made it! now... lunch with views!

Pitlochry's high street.
Otra vista de Pitlochry.

Nice walk across the forest
De regreso al pueblo cruzamos este precioso bosque.