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Europe photos are finally here

Location: Italy

Sorry it took so long, but I told you I would find a way to post some pics. Hope you all enjoy!

6 Nov 2005, 5:25AM

Here I am with the lion in front of the National Gallery in London.

4 Nov 2005, 4:25PM

This is my Aunt Maggie, and my cousind David and Anna. I also got to meet my Uncle Hector and my other cousin Jordan that night, but the two of them were in bed by the time I broke out the camera!

8 Nov 2005, 7:06AM

I'm trying to look French, hence the cigarette.

7 Nov 2005, 3:05AM

One of the many flower shops in Paris. Nothing makes you stick out more as a tourist than stopping to take photos in front of every flower shop you find!

9 Nov 2005, 6:19AM

Zoe and I at the top!

9 Nov 2005, 5:10AM

The Eiffel Tower from the bottom.

9 Nov 2005, 9:35AM

Zoe beside a tapestry at the Louvre.

9 Nov 2005, 8:49AM

A sculpture at the Louvre. You can guess who I took this one for! <3

11 Nov 2005, 7:03AM

Zoe being sassy on the beach in Nice.

10 Nov 2005, 1:55PM

Drinking cheap wine in our hostel room in Nice.

14 Nov 2005, 5:27AM

This is where we are now, Vernazza, and it's heaven here!

14 Nov 2005, 4:39AM

We had a picnic on the rocks in Vernazza, Italy.