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From Rome to Greece

Location: Athens, Greece

21 Nov 2005, 3:19PM

One of the amazing fountains in Rome.

21 Nov 2005, 2:59PM

A rower sculling down the river in Rome.

24 Nov 2005, 8:21AM

Me being blown away on deck of the boat to Greece. It was so windy that I couldn't even make it all the way to the front of the boat!

22 Nov 2005, 4:01PM

The view from a hilltop in the town of Tivoli, just outside of Rome.

26 Nov 2005, 2:40PM

This is our dog that followed us around Athens and barked at everyone that passed us. In Athens, the city takes care of all the strays. They feed them, give them their shots and put collars on them, and the dogs just live in the city and do as they please!

26 Nov 2005, 12:17PM

This is the protest march that went by while we were having coffee in Athens. They had riot police and everything!

26 Nov 2005, 7:55PM

This is me with one of the guards at the parliament buildings in Athens. They're just like the guards at Buckingham Palace, only their outfits are cuter!

26 Nov 2005, 7:35PM

This is the old university in Athens, too bad it's night time.

27 Nov 2005, 10:52AM

Sarah and I with Zoe's Uncle Paul. He was a lot of fun to hang out with!

27 Nov 2005, 10:39AM

A flower at the Sounin ruins.

27 Nov 2005, 10:53AM

Some of the ruins at Sounin.