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More photos from Greece

Location: Athens, Greece

Sorry they took so long!

29 Nov 2005, 11:54AM

how cool am I! (don't answer that)

29 Nov 2005, 11:43AM

you wouldn't believe how many old rocks there are in Greece.

30 Nov 2005, 11:56AM

some of the regualrs at the squid bar.

30 Nov 2005, 10:45AM

this is how they display their wares on the island of Aegina. you just choose the one you want and pop it in your purse. it's also great decore for the patio.

30 Nov 2005, 3:16PM

i'd like to point out that this is the day we started drinking retsins (cheap white wine) at about 10am. it's no surprise that this is how we ended up at around 4 in the afternoon.

30 Nov 2005, 3:01PM

the view from the island.

30 Nov 2005, 3:43PM

the town on Aegina from the ferry.