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Fun in Florence

Location: Florence, Italy

the next stop on our trip after greece.

4 Dec 2005, 12:01PM

a bridge over the river in Florence.

4 Dec 2005, 11:51AM

everyone from victoria should recognise this guy. you've all met his cousin.

5 Dec 2005, 12:37PM

an example of the beautifel architecture.

4 Dec 2005, 12:02PM

some of the places bordering the river.

5 Dec 2005, 12:41PM

more architecture.

5 Dec 2005, 12:39PM

this might look a little out of place. let me explain: their cows are like our killer whales (in vic.). they are scatered all over the city and a different artist has painted each one. not quite as majestic and symbloic as the whales though.

6 Dec 2005, 3:53PM

a lovely church in front of which we found a lovely german christmas market. mmmmm, mulled wine!

7 Dec 2005, 12:37PM

the victoria chapter might be gone, but t-fats lives on!