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Location: Venice, Italy

7 Dec 2005, 1:39PM


7 Dec 2005, 12:38PM

Ahhhhh, Venice.

7 Dec 2005, 2:24PM

Couples in love...and me being a creeper hiding on the bridge untill the gondola comes underneath so I can take a picture!

7 Dec 2005, 1:41PM

This symbol used to be on the flag of Venice when it used to be a republic.

7 Dec 2005, 2:44PM


7 Dec 2005, 2:29PM

The money shot from St.Marco's square.

9 Dec 2005, 12:52PM

One of the lovely sculptures at the Gugenheim. I just don't get modern art.

7 Dec 2005, 3:40PM

I'm embarassing myself in Venice!

9 Dec 2005, 1:59PM

Me and the Grand Canal.

9 Dec 2005, 1:39PM

9 Dec 2005, 3:26PM

Zoe and her new friend.