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Northern Laos (updated)

Location: China

A few piccies on the road in the North

Jars, very big, very Jary

Yes, that IS a bomb, and yes, its fricken huge

Hide and jar seek

This tree had had almost enough of these dam jars frolicking around like they own the place

Believe it or not this is a Jar - but it looks like a rock to me

Jar in a Jar

Bor: Englishman, Journalist, man with rediculous amounts of hair

Cluster Bomb Units put to good use (oh that this was all they were used for)

bit of Bouldering on the fly - Muang Ngoi neua

Thunderstorms, Muang Ngoi Neua

I didn't rush in to drink it either - Namtha

Sign-o-mania helps losts tourists in the middle of rice fields