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Climbing in China (finally)

Location: Yangshou, China

When you're not sick, its not raining and your not buggered from climbing the day before, the climbing is great in China

Olivia looking way too relaxed on a 13d (that's North American for stupidly hard)

How's the serenity... Chinese climbing at its best

Working out a way to climb with her stick clipper just in case she needed it later

Do you know how small those shoes are? I couldn't even get my hand in them

But Charlie somehow got enough out of it to punch this business move on a 13a

I had trouble using that right hand hold as a foot hold

This is what happens when you put a photographer on the rock.... pose after pose after pose

Sebastian (aka Francois) adding some french style

Ryan uses his patented tounge-power on this wicked little 11a

These grimaces however, are all real

Ryan and I sneak up a 5 pitch multi in 2 hours before I sprint off to find a train home

Hover hold (Yes, even the tounge is real)