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Pi May Lao (Lao New year- New)

Location: Under a bucket, Laos

Lao take there new year celebrations pretty seriously - dedicating a whole week to drinking and waterfights...

But it's all in good fun - two of the cheekiest culprits

Yup, she copped it big time

There is always the 'stand there and just let it happen' approach which mum was particularly good at

Attempts were made to run away (unssucessful)

The other important part of Lao new year is drinking and eating continuously for a week...Lao hospitality is incomperable

Of course, sometimes, you don't have much of a chance...

ummm, its a fence with stuff on it

Some goose who copped a free facial scrub with motorbike exaust dust

And you have to like fixing them, cause they break down all the bloody time

Boats, if you live an hour from the nearest road, you have to like boats