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A Prince is born....

Location: The Royal Palace, Laos

As a farewell for Georgina our office decided to reinstate the monarchy and make it... us.

Feeling very regal... (but don't tell the government)

"A new hope...." (you can't see it here but they gave me some digital makeup for this one)

Noi had a bit of a headstart on us in the 'looking tradtionally Lao stakes' and of course looked stunning

Georgina became the new face of Lao Airlines

But more about me...this one I like to call 'the Pierce' (note pointy shoes)

It's amazing, you just grab your ear lobe and wahhla...instantly Lao

Not happy Jan (I want my sword back!)

Don't talk to me about the UNDAF!

If you think I'm amusing, you should have seen this Lao guy strut his stuff....

That's much better (What can I say, the photographer was a genius....)

Clearly a professional....

The 'way to cool to look straight at you' pose