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Vientiane and around

Location: Vientiane, Laos

Even the statues in Lao are eager to please...

I spent hours trying to get him to tell me what this thing is... but he just wanted his photo taken

Wat That Luang.

Monks and the 'Vertical Runway' of Vientiane

Maker of fine films, purveyor of fine pancakes and lender of fine houses - Jeremy samples some fine Vientiane cuisine

I'll delete this soon I promise...

Japanese drumming (wadaiko!) hits the streets of Vientiane

Undercover Thai card shark takes on travelling Aussies at a few rounds of 500

3 on a

Patuxai by night.

Vientiane food goodness....

With all the 'Buddha footprints' around the world you can understand why this religious icon is so often portrayed asleep