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The Thai Climbing expereince 1

Location: Hat Ton Sai, Thailand

A flash tour of a Thai tropical climbing paradise

there is a reason they call them LONGtail boats

Kudz calmly shows the silly tourists how to walk in water

Cat combines climbing with Caving

Who is this toolbag?

Chris Shitting self cleaning Lord of the Thais

Hows the serenity...

When I saw this beautiful pillar hidden in this gigantic cave, I knew it just had to be climbed

Getting up close and personal with a stalagtight on Muay Thai

For some reason, Chris thought he climbed better with his shirt off...

Climb it we did - and rename it as well - the 'Central Pillar of Mordor' (Photo Credit: K Kippist)

nightime brings out the 500 sharks...

pocket pockets pockets....