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Black and whities

Location: Laos

There is a black sheep in every family. These are the black (and white) sheeps of my photo family....

Floating water, Vang Vieng

Eaves in the Eavning, Luang Prubang

Sietsta time, Luang Prubang

Baby pineaple

Nature takes its toll - remnants of a house. Nam Ngum.

Twisted trees Krabi, Thailand.

My what big feet you have... Alms giving, Luang Prubang.

Catch me if you can. Fisherboys, Don Kong

Moonrise over Nam Ngum

Brolly fest 06. Luang Prubang.

The black sheep of the family - Banana flowers and giant bluberries

The Annual Vientiane brick catching contest: Six at a time in thongs....barely a challenge.