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Climbing - Pak Ou

Location: Pak Ou, Laos

In search of belay partners I bump into an expedition of polish hard people new routing and handstanding their way to glory

Mmmmmm, lovely orange overhanging cliffs.... routes are in the center (but there's always room for expansion)

Polski's making hardcore routes

Like everything in Laos, routefinding here is a fairly laid back afair... "I'll have that one, that one and that one..."

The most crowded that Eagle rock has ever bin - two Poles and a Brit relax in the shade

"Right, lets just rap of this massive cliff and see where we end up..." New routing, swallow wall

The locals showed us a thing or two

Position two: Minimisation

Stupid Strong Polish Handstand Trick - position one: Levetation

Position four: Stupidamountsofarmstrengthation

Position three: Concentration

Position Six: I'm not quite sure what to call this, but trust me, its impressive

Position Five: Extension