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Italy, Goulders and Florence

Location: Italy

Told you there were heaps of photos. Am missing a few too because this was the second SD card I filled. So will have to download those tomorrow. Anyway, have a look...

The sunset that night down the beach from the restaurant.

Mobes and Parps at the Seafood Restaurant on our last Saturday night.. It was called Maritime I think. It was on the beach just up from where we swam every day. We were all very merry this night indeed!! Probably why I only got photos from the beginning of the night. Because we were away from our normal restaurant Marcus had to order for us. And boy did we get some food!! There were starters once again: tempura calimari etc. Then pasta, with mussels or prawns. Then more pastas with chilli and different flavours. Then fish cooked in a salt bake- absolute perfection. All this washed down with copious amounts of wine!! I think it lucky we found the car let alone our house! But maybe that was just me..?? All good fun though.

Mobie is a blur. She is on a ride at this fun park that was near the beach. On the last day the girls and I came here for the day. It was fun, but we spent about 5 hours here, which by that time I was in need of a break but the girls could have stayed all day!! I went on most of the rides but sat a few out as I still have a funny neck from the ride I went on in Brighton with the Volunteer Group.

The umbrellas on the beach.

The girls lookin gorgeous as ever. Can you believe they are just 13??!! And me wearing their presents they gave to me on the last day: they bought me matching earrings, braclet and a watch! So I had to wear them out on our last night. It was so thoughtful and very unexpected for them to do that!!

Charlie Bucket and Leon. So cute. The pot was a present from Philip and Vanessa to Marcus' Dad. It didnt grow boys though, Philip put in some Hibiscus I think.

They did look so sweet. Until.. Pizza and Mobie!!

Leon Philip and Charlie- now we know where the kids get their face-pulling talent from!!

Me and Leon- by the end we both had a crush on each other. I think he was missing his mum!!

Leon and his Dad Marcus.

Il Duomo!! This is the Duomo, or cathedral in Florence. There are heaps of Cathedrals but this was the main one. It was massive!! So impressive too!