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Images From Kyoto

Location: Kyoto, Japan

A view of the waste disposal incinerator going in near my home stay in Kyoto

This is the front gate to my host family's house

Kyoto is famous for its cherry blossoms in spring and leaves in fall. The Japanese Maple were beautiful and began their change when we were there.

This is the Art and Design University where our classes met, and my homeststay sister goes to school. This is decoration on the front steps just before the school festival.

Kyoto tower reflected in the windows of Kyoto station

This is Eric and I in the library at school, testing out the new camera and doing some homework

Jiz-o, a Budhist deity that is associated with the dead, as a protector, especially children.

Interesting shadow at the tomb of one of Japan's early emperors

My host father ringing a large bell on the top of Mt. Hiei on a very foggy day

Me getting in a quick workout

Crossing the Kamo river

The biggest crab on the trip