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The travelling Times!

Location: New Zealand

Here are a few more photos from the last leg of my trip in Australia before I headed onto Sydney. A distant memory now

The Rock chicks! Lisa and Jenny herself

Where I've spent the best part of my journey, in hostels and of course in the top bunk, its amazing how many complain of heights when they get the top 1. i think its more of a fear of falling out when you've one too many!

Girls Aloud and we were from left Jenny, Lisa, Maeve, Dorothy, myself and Sam

A leisurely strole down to the beach another place I've spent alot of precious time!

This is for those that said I only seem to have a smirnoff ice in my hand!I do drink tea too!

The Deni reunion- myself, Sam and Jen

The Rock Chicks- Lisa and Jenny

Maybe I should have worked after all!

New Year's Eve on the streets of Brisbane

Byron Bay look out point

Thank god there's glass between us

Our day out in Toronga Zoo, Sydney from left Lisa, Robyn, Jenny, myself and Maeve