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Fond farewell Oz!

Location: New Zealand

These are the last pictures I took in Sydney on my last week in Australia. I can't belive its come to an end, I have to say I felt a little lonely leaving, the biggest part of my journey is over now, 15 weeks in total travelling around Australia. Have to say I've had the time of my life, enjoyed living the life of a backpacker. Met some lovely people all along the way and of course met some lovely souls from our own neck of the woods! Its been a great experience and I've loads of fond memories that will be with me forever some mad, bad, sad and downright ugly (more to do with drink and of course I was never in any!)!!At least its not totally the end of my trip, I've New Zealand, Figi and America to look forward to next and I have to say New Zealand has got off to a roaring start already! Met up with Sharon and Michelle again from home when I flew into Queenstown on Tues 31st Jan. Today I'm in Christchurch where I met with Camilla (my travelling buddy from up the coast) who flew in today. Let the good times begin!!

Jenny, Paul and Kathy later in the night

Jenny joining in the trad session in the Hero of Waterloo. Them lads would have been happy to let her sing all night!

Big smiles from Kathy and Paul, happy out!

The girls in the famous Mercantile ( not the one in Dublin)from left Kathy, Jen and myself

Australia Day- 26th Jan. The day wouldn't be the sane without a good sing song and luckily Jenny obliged. We had an awful job to twist her arm!

This ones for Nuala, took a trip out to Summer Bay, didn't see anyone though, if I did I'd have got some autographs for you! You know my interest in Aussie soaps!

Kathy likes to drink her wine from an extra long glass. No better woman to put it away!

Paul putting his heart and soul into his favourite song- Sean South and you all know the rest

The last goodbye and it really is this time. Jenny stayed on in Sydney while I left on a jet plane and I don't know when I'LL BE BACK AGAIN...!Its been a pleasure Mulvey travelling with you!

Myself and Kathy in O Malleys of Kings Cross. Made my last trip to one of the Irish haunts in Sydney that we frequented!

Hello New Zealand! First night out on Kiwi soil with Michelle from Belmullet

Last sight of Sydney harbour. Bon Voyage Australia!