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The journey begins

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Met up with Camilla in Christchurch and there we decided to hire a car, its a lovely Nissan Sunny and so far fingers crossed is going like a jet!Preperation for taking on Ann's Nissan Sunny when I get home in 6 weeks. While in Christchurch we had to make a trip to the hospital as Camilla wasn't feeling the may west after her long flight from London. Second time in a hospital with 1 of my travelling buddies, remember Jenny's incident in Thailand involving a moped!Luckily Camilla was giving the all clear to party so she's on the pig's back now! While in Christchurch I caught up with Sharon amd Michelle for the last time as they headed back to Australia.See you in Belmullet girls when you get home in July!

Catching up with my partner in crime from our Aussie days...the woman herself Camilla!

The Belmullet girls let loose in Christchurch!

Snow patrol, our day in the

Not your average start to your hols!

Overlooking 1 of the many beautiful lakes New Zealand has to offer, Lake Tekapo

Going from 40 degrees in Australia to -7 here,whats a girl to do

Wouldn't do me to step back as its a big drop!Anoraki mountains in the background

1 of the many views we see on our road trip around/across New Zealand

First time in 5 months that I wore closed shoes, jeans and a jacket!Not bad for a girl from Mayo

the 2 well wrapped ladies with Milford Sound in the background

As you can see the weather hasn't been up to much but the scenery is just beautiful

Braving the elements, on the upper deck catching all the views of the fjords,boy was it cold that day