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The South Island

Location: New Zealand

For the past two myself and herselfi.e Camilla travelled along the South Island in our rented car we named Jessie. It was fantastic and to round off our lovelt trip there we had some glorious weather and we whipped out the bikinis again and headed for the beach area around Nelson. We also did what the locals called tramping, no its not that sort of tramping on a Saturday night!It was all very innocent we went for a hike in their Nationa; Park called Abel Tasman.Really enjoyed our spell on the South Island.We got the ferry across to the North Island on Sunday and our first port of call here was Wellington. At the moment we're in Rotorua, quite a smelly place. Its an active region full of geysers and thermal pools and they gave off a smell of sulphur which is alot like rotten eggs! Despite the smell,its a nice spot! So anyways, after a long spell of not putting up photos I decided I'll put some up to let you see what we're getting up to, Enjoy!

Looking brave for a girl who doesn''t like heights.

In the cable car overlooking Queenstown

Some of the impressive mountains of the South

View of Queenstown

Doing what we do best!First time on the beach in NZ

My legs dangling from the Cable Car,its a long way down if we fell out

Resting after our tramping!

One of the many beautiful beaches of Abel Tasman

The girls out on the town


The wild river where you could have done white water thanks, a sky dive would be much easier!

The 2 mermaids!Copanhagen watch out!