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Location: New Zealand

While exploring the South Island myself and Camilla signed up to climb the famous Franz Joseph glacier only 3 such glaciers in the world,Fox Glacier only 25 mins down the road and 1 in Argentina.I was a bit worried that we might be walking like John Wayne after I met Sharon and Michelle(from home) in Queenstown who were still a bit stiff 3 days after climbing it!Well we took our chances and we weren't too bad at all!It poured from the heavens the day we did it,even our water proof jacket wasn't so water proof as we were literally wet to our knickers!I never saw rain like it before. That wa sthe day my camera got soaked in my bag but luckily she dried out and she's working fine again,take that all those who said my camera was a glorified disposable!The climb lasted 3 hours and at times it was pretty steep.We climbed up the face of the glacier which was a little over 300m straight up. Had some few when we got to the top!While in Taupo we did a 12000ft sky dive.I have to say it was one of the most enjoyable experiences I've ever had. I had signed up to do, Camilla said she'd come to watch and once she got there she signed up herself,not bad for a girl who's afraid of heights. The view was amazing. We were free falling for 45 secs. I have to say I loved it and I was very calm,I was worse on the ground waiting to go. From there we went onto Rotorua where we visited thermal pools and geysers. You can see the water bubbling and steam leaving the ground. Its a very active area.

After our climb

At the foot of the glacier before I started the climb

The 2 of us at the end of our trip

This is just a glimpse of what the glacier looks like from the front,its spread out over 25km.

The plane we jumped out of from 12000FT! It was mad sitting at the edge with your legs dangling out the door before you jumped!

After the sky dive, giving the thumbs up

Over looking Waitikita River

The 2 amigoes after the jump

Camilla after her climb

Huka falls in the background. Some people kayek down that!

The bubbling water at the surface, the thermal pools are further down the stream and the water is between 38-43 degrees all the time, very nice indeed

Area called the Crater of the moon. Steam leaving the ground